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Bag Drills

The kids received a lot of one-on-one attention from the UC Davis students.

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This is the 2014 California State Champion, Marisol Flannery. Just over a month after this training session, she passed her 4th dan black belt exam.

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Lots of Sparring

The focus of the Davis Team was getting ready for Collegiate Nationals the following week. After working on various drills, they put on their pads and started sparring. It was a lot of fun watching them in action.

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McCloud Falls

After a day-and-a-half of training, the team took a leisurely walk to the falls. Later this same afternoon, they ramped up for another intense training session in the studio back in Shasta.

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Sssshhhh...Cliff Lake

Sure,'s supposed to be secret, but on a gorgeous day like this, who could resist a visit to this hidden Alpine gem?

And, nobody ended up in the cold water during filming!

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Shoes on the Mountain

It wasn't all about the water. On their last morning in town, the Davis Team put on their snowshoes and did a little hike up the mountain from Bunny Flat. Maybe not the ultimate workout, but it was a fun way to end their training.

Yes, another glorious day on the mountain.

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Castle Lake

A busy morning with two training sessions was followed by lunch and a speed-hike up to Heart Lake. For a few of the students, this was their first visit to the mountains. We couldn't have asked for a more spectacular March afternoon.

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Great job everyone!

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