Volunteer & Outreach FAQ

Demonstrations, special events, and fundraising help to keep a good thing going. With a little luck and continued support, this good thing eventually becomes a great thing. Read more about how your time and energy are very important to the success of the program.


So many requests...

“Why are there so many requests to volunteer? I donate a lot of money; isn’t this enough?”


We wish.    Donations from families are not enough to cover all our costs.


Why?    MSMAP suggested donations are less than half of the national average for a martial arts activity program of the quality that we provide. Rent, insurance, maintenance, gear, and more are not free.


Making ends meet.    The simple reality is that bills don’t disappear for the summer, yet all bills must still be paid on time to keep the doors open and maintain our high level of training and service.

With many families traveling for all or part of the summer, our summer financial intake from dues is not quite ideal. Therefore, fundraising and outreach events are critical

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Flying Side Kick at the Castle Street Stage: July 5, 2013
One of our highlights in 2013 was the demonstration at the Castle Street Stage on July 5 for the annual street fair. Here, Vitaliy Tveritin, 12, launches into a flying side kick that turns wood boards into toothpicks.


I’m Too Busy.

“My family and I are very busy and can’t help all the time. Does this mean we’re in “trouble”?”

Absolutely not. MSMAP recognizes and understands that individuals and families have very busy lives with many responsibilities for work, education, play, friends, and family. Our hope is that individuals and families can help with fundraising and outreach when it fits into their schedule. Each contribution of time and effort is a big help towards the continued success of the program and benefit for all participants — children, teens, and adults.

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It’s too much!

“OK, but MSMAP has a lot of things going on; it seems like overkill. Why should I volunteer?”

Why bother?    Another way to ask this question is, “What’s in it for me?” This is a very fair question.

What is in it for me?    Let’s be very clear: MSMAP wants participants to be enriched in some way both through volunteer efforts as well as training. Demonstrations are a great opportunity to refine attitude and skills, similar to a promotion exam — but hopefully much more fun. Fundraising events are a fun, meaningful way to be a part of the community and learn how to interact well with others. Plus, participation in fundraising and outreach events has a direct positive effect towards improving the level and quality of our services while adhering to our core values — safety, education, and fun:

  • scholarships for families in financial distress;
  • improved training equipment;
  • maintain clean, modern facility.

If MSMAP’s services are worthwhile, supporting MSMAP through fundraising and outreach events are hopefully also considered worthwhile.

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Fishing Day Fundraiser: Summer 2013
Until an outbreak of whirling disease in 2015, this used to be how we paid for utilities throughout the year: raising funds through our Kids' Fishing Day Fundraisers at the Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery. It was a great opportunity to learn how to interact with people — an important skill at any age.


So Much Work.

“This seems like a lot of work. Why not make it easier for everyone and do less work?”

Easy is not necessarily better.    MSMAP can certainly take a different, easier approach and offer less services — other groups and individuals that do this are easy enough to find before they disappear down the road. However, MSMAP’s primary service is growth and self-improvement through martial arts training. There are no shortcuts to self-improvement, and it sometimes takes very hard work.

We put words into action.    MSMAP takes this responsibility seriously through action as well as word. Work and effort are necessary to constantly improve our core values: safety, education, and, especially, fun. Specific areas that benefit from all the fundraising and outreach efforts (and improve our quality of service) are the following:
        • facility (rent, heat, sanitation, etc.)
        • equipment (mats/floor, paddles, shields, etc.)
        • instruction (confidence, education, good manners, self-respect, etc.)

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Showing Off Is Bad

“OK, I’m told these activities are important. But, isn’t ‘showing off’ bad martial arts?”

Outreach is important.    The only “bad” martial arts are those that leave out the lessons on good manners. Since we emphasize good manners and respect, we are not showing off; we are examples of good citizens.

We don't live in a box.    Hiding in a box and avoiding people is no way to live. We thrive on connecting with people, sharing what we do, and inviting others to join us.

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It’s Too Scary.

“Performing martial arts in front of people is scary. Why do you need me?”

Everyone's participation is important to making a good thing better.

And, no argument here about getting in front of people and being scared. Martial arts is about recognizing that fear is a natural part of life. Dealing with fear effectively allows us to achieve REALLY BIG THINGS! If demonstrations and fundraising are scary, then they offer a great opportunity to learn how to deal with fear, and ultimately, become better martial artists. Hopefully, this leads to becoming better citizens.

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