Tiny Tigers

Taekwondo for Young Children

Tiny Tigers is the widely popular and effective activity program for our youngest participants. The core ingredients for the Tiny Tigers program are lots of fun action in a fantastic facility following a proven curriculum.

This program is not only a great introduction to martial arts training but also helps instill healthy habits for life.

The unique combination of structured fun action tempered with discipline and good manners provides children with an appropriate environment to apply and release their boundless energy.

Age-Appropriate Fun Training

Since May 2009, these 45-minute activity sessions have proven to benefit young children at a pace geared to their attention spans.

Children want to express themselves physically in some way. Our program allows them to do just that with lots of running, jumping, crawling, kicking, and yelling. They can fully embrace this chance to enjoy exercise and begin developing a healthy lifestyle.

We provide a safe place, a quality curriculum, and experienced guidance that allows children to truly plant the seeds of success.

Children learn how to follow directions, display good manners, and participate in a very active and supportive group setting developing coordination and skills while having fun.

Participation in MSMAP far exceeds our expectations. Our children’s self-confidence is amazing, and they both take leadership roles on and off the mat.

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Spring Cohen

Real Benefits

The Tiny Tigers program is designed to help children develop three essential tools for success:

Children are able to apply these core abilities elsewhere in their lives — home, school, sports, arts — anywhere, anytime.

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Mastering unique skills — along with the encouragement and recognition of their peers, parents, and instructors — helps children develop self-confidence through a well-earned sense of accomplishment.


Attending on a regular schedule is a big part of children developing self-discipline: the ability to control their impulses. Children love the familiarity that comes from routine especially in a safe, modern facility like ours.

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MSMAP provides opportunities to grow and develop problem solving skills. This combination helps children pay attention to, master, and succeed at the task at hand.

Tiny Tigers give our 5-year-old grand-daughter the confidence to be assertive in a positive way, to say what is on your mind, and if something does not feel right, it is OK to say, ‘No.’ Plus, the older kids that help are a group of sweet, kind role models.

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Janice Johnson

How does it work?

The Tiny Tigers is a progressive program: participants learn more and more skills over time. When they pass each successive promotion exam, children advance in rank reflected in the different colored belts. Participants that continue their training eventually test for black belt.

Why does it work?

MSMAP is the perfect option for young children because we have the essential ingredients for productive training.

This combination adds up to a dynamic, modern and effective training program.

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Beyond a 7th degree black belt and nearly 40 years martial arts experience, instructors share a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and dedication.

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We offer a modern facility and equipment for safe, productive training helping people achieve their goals.

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MSMAP works because we have a clear roadmap for success. Our well-rounded, proven curriculum sets a foundation for success.

My three children are stronger, more confident, and more disciplined. They get out energy and aggression which makes arguments at home less frequent and more reasonable. I have found a family at MSMAP and so have my kids.

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Autumn Dyke

Martial Arts Skills

Children get to wear the uniform, or dobok, do many of the same exercises as the older groups, and are held accountable for their behavior.

This combination allows real learning to take place with children developing true martial arts skills along with the attitude and good judgement to use these skills appropriately, if at all.

And, it’s not all about physical skills. It’s also about developing mental, emotional, and social skills.

Standing up for yourself doesn’t have to mean embracing violence.

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Shane Koyczan

A cornerstone of our program is learning to RESPECT ourselves and other people. We encourage children, teens, and adults to celebrate their own uniqueness and individuality along with that of others through cooperative training activities.

We also emphasize developing positive training habits — including social skills — to help become much healthier and happier individuals.


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