Taekwondo Protective

Following is the required equipment for taekwondo sparring training and competition. Yellow belts and above are required to have their own gear. Your bones, muscles, and joints will thank you — along with your training partners.

All Taekwondo Gear
Sitting down wearing all the gear

What do I need?

Chest Protector, Helmet, Forearm Pads, Shin/Instep Pads, Groin Protector.

Chest Protector

Hogus allow full contact taekwondo partner drills and sparring. And, they do a great job of protecting the body.

Adidas Chest Protector
Adidas Forearm Pads

Forearm Guards

Start with the forearm pads to protect the arms from big kicks and protect the partners' shins from boney forearms and elbows.

Shin / Instep Guards

These pads help protect the shins and the top of the feet of the kickers and provide some degree of protection for the partners.

Adidas Shin Guards

The instep pad can also come with the guard (pictured). The instep guard is attached with a velcro strip. Or, you can just order the shin guard by itself and use a foot glove (see below).

Adidas Helmut


The helmut helps minimize injuries to the head. Like with the chest protector, we have various sizes available as loaners. However, for best fit and protection, you definitely should get your own.

Protective Cup

Protect one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The most comfortable version is the boxer shorts with pouch. The old style strap version is much less comfortable. Cup and shorts are good protection — get them.

Protective Cup


The hand and foot gloves are optional.But, they are encouraged for added protection. The feet gloves (or, socks) provide a better fit than the instep protectors. And, a better fit helps with a better movement and better kicking.

Hand and Foot Gloves

Name vs. Generic Brands

But, first: answer this important question: "Should I get the more expensive 'name' brand gear or the other stuff?" Here's some things to consider in your decision.

Name Brands

Brands such as Adidas and Mooto offer quality products that will last a long time. They are more expensive; sometimes twice as expensive as the generic brands.

Generic Brands

Another option is the Best brand. This brand offers very durable products and are less expensive than the name brands.

The Bottom Line

Selecting either option will offer great protection. It comes down to how much you are willing to spend for that protection and if you want "top-of-the-line" equipment.

Sitting Down with all the gear

Vinyl vs. Cloth

Which is better? Good question. Vinyl is more expensive but less stinky. Cloth is less expensive but more stinky. We recommend investing the extra cash and get the vinyl pads.

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