Martial Arts Open House Was A Food Drive For Seniors, Too

Dec 29, 2010

The action was intense and the energy high at the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program’s 3rd Open House & Food Drive on December 15.


“Children, teens, and adults demonstrated their developing skills, discipline, and good manners for a standing room-only crowd of family, friends, and visitors,” according to MSMAP program director Chuck Buhs.

Tiny Tigers

“The younger children in the Tiny Tigers group were thrilled with the opportunity to show the wide variety of fun exercises for strength and flexibility,” added Buhs. “Older participants demonstrated more sophisticated skills including rapid-fire, coordinated kicks and full-contact sparring.”

Upper Blocks

“I couldn’t believe that the instructors managed to keep all the children focused, with so many distractions,” said Cloi Rowley mother of Jaymes, 6, and Thomas, 4. “I was blown away by how well my boys did. It was impressive to see so many kids performing in the demonstration, all at the same time”

The Gift of Food

Mike Rodriguez, director of the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District, stopped by to express his appreciation for the generous contributions of food for local seniors and share a few stories of how even a little donation of food goes a long way to spreading holiday cheer.

Food Drive Group

Rodriguez thanked everyone for their generosity and for “their thoughtful gesture.” He said the seniors are appreciative of the extra food.

Cindy Smith, administrative assistant at MSRPD, said, “We really appreciate MSMAP students and their parents helping our seniors!”

The children enjoyed helping our community, according to Rowley, who said, “I was also impressed by how aware my boys were that this demonstration was being held to help raise food for the seniors in the community. Jaymes talked about it all week.”

MSMAP collected 15 bags of groceries that chef Anne was thrilled to receive. She welcomed the opportunity to package up many of the food items for home deliveries just in time for the holidays.

Stretch Kicks
Advanced Paddle Kicks

The Senior Nutrition Program welcomes food and financial donations throughout the year. Contact 926-2494 to learn more about how you can help make a difference in the health and well-being of a local senior.

MSMAP specializes in building a better community by offering positive activities to develop healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Contact MSMAP directly to learn more:
phone: 859-2024;
email: info [AT];
on the web: and Facebook).

More Information

Senior Nutrition Program
The Recreation and Parks District is the official provider for the senior meal program thru a contract with the California Department of Aging and Planning and Service Area 2 - Agency on Aging. Year-round donations of food and money for the Senior Nutrition Program can be made by calling 926-2494.

“Since 1974, there has been a hot lunch program for senior citizens at the City Park Recreation Center...55+ meals are delivered to homebound seniors in the South County (Home Delivered Meals). Transportation to and from the Mt. Shasta lunch site is also available...The Senior Nutrition Program strives to not only meet the nutritional needs of its senior participants, but also recognizes the importance of socialization and life enrichment. Informational programs, special events, and other activities are a regular component of the senior lunch program schedule.”

MSMAP's Open House
Each December, MSMAP hosts an Open House & Holiday Food Drive to celebrate the holidays with a unique, martial arts-based event of action, prizes, and food donations. First held in 2008, it is a chance for participants to display their growing skills and help those in need.

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7th Open House & Holiday Food Drive: Dec 2014

Celebrate the holidays, MSMAP-style!
We invite you to attend our Seventh annual event in December 2014. Come see what we do and help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors in-need with the gift of food for the Senior Nutrition Program.

Jump Back Kick

Shorter Event, More Action
The senior ranks step up and offer the community some exciting martial arts action, loads of raffle prizes, and food for the seniors.
December 24, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Yongmudo Throw

Ramping Up for a Holiday Tradition
Planning for a shorter, more action-packed event with lots of prizes and food for the seniors. Game on.
December 10, 2014; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2013 Open House Action

More Creativity, More Heart-Pounding Action
Lots of participants, lots of raffle prizes, and lots of food for the Senior Nutrition Program.
December 25, 2013; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Split Kicks

Getting Ready for New Things
We get ready to do more exciting stuff: jumping kicks, spinning kicks, higher dive rolls, lots more.
December 11, 2013; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2012 Open House Action

Mission Accomplished: Our Best Event...Ever
The best demo, the most raffle prizes, and, most importantly, the most food ever collected for this annual holiday celebration.
December 26, 2012; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2012 Open House Prep

Getting ready for our biggest event...ever
Our goal this year: the best event that we’ve ever done.
December 12, 2012; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Highlights of our 4th annual event — lots of people, lots of food, lots of gifts. And, we get ready for our Winter Break Mini-Camps, a great way to burn off excess holiday energy. “With the large show of people and enthusiasm of the children, this is a great opportunity for service to the community.”
December 21, 2011; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparing for the Yongmudo Demonstration

“We’re glad to help with our own special way of celebrating the holidays: Exciting martial arts action, giving away cool gifts, and, most importantly, helping to brighten the spirits of those less fortunate during this season of giving.”
December 07, 2011; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

3rd Open House & Food Drive Action

New Location, Bigger Action!
How much fun can children, teens, and adults have helping others in need during the holiday season?
December 29, 2010; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2nd Open House & Food Drive Action

Bigger and Better
Our activity center expands to include local treasure, Nuria’s Dance Academy. We share demonstrations of dance and martial arts and hold our first, and very successful, food drive!
December 9, 2009; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

2008 Open House & Housewarming Party

The Start of a Holiday Tradition
We open our doors and welcome the community to our new, dedicated training facility — five demonstrations (three taekwondo, two yongmudo), food, prizes, and lots of energy.
November 9, 2008; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive: Wed, Dec 14

Join us for exciting martial arts action!
Wednesday, December 14   •   4:30 to 6:30pm
We invite you to our FOURTH annual event to see what we do and help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors with the gift of food for the Senior Nutrition Program.

Winter Break Mini-Camps

Join us for exciting martial arts action!
Dec 27 – 29   &   Jan 3 – 5
Burn off excess holiday energy with a full program of taekwondo, yongmudo, and self-defense activities during Winter Break in this partnership with the Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District.

Taekwondo is an exciting martial art that combines effective footwork and powerful kicking techniques into a dynamic system of sport and self-defense.

Yongmudo outside wrist throw

Yongmudo incorporates a variety of techniques including kicks, strikes, throws, jointlocks, submission wrestling into a comprehensive system of personal health & self-protection.