12th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Join our celebration!    This annual holiday event is our way of sharing all our skills, energy, and enthusiasm with the greater community. It also allows us to inspire each other and our families and our friends through the clear results of our hard training.

The Season of Giving.    We also give away many, many great raffle prizes donated from local businesses that want to see our children and families succeed in martial arts — and in life. In addition to all this generous outpouring of the holiday spirit, we encourage attendees to bring in shelf-stable, non-perishable food items that we, in turn, give to the Senior Nutrition Program. Check it all out below:

Grrrl Power!


What’s it all about?

First held in 2008, MSMAP’s annual open house is our way of ringing in the holidays with lots of martial arts action, giving away fantastic raffle prizes, and raising substantial support for seniors in our community with the gift of food.

The Bottom Line: This is a unique Mount Shasta tradition in keeping with this season of giving.

Looking forward to some delicious Korean food!

Join us to see what we do and celebrate the efforts, talents, and accomplishments of children, teens, and adults in the program. MSMAP participants spend a lot of time preparing for this event by practicing for the demonstrations along with gathering raffle prizes from local businesses, and perhaps most importantly, collecting food for the Senior Nutrition Program operated by the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District.

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Here's What We Got

What are the holidays without martial arts and lots and lots of presents? Well, we offer both. Action by the particpants, gifts for the parents and friends, food for the seniors.


EXCITING MARTIAL ARTS ACTION.    Watch area children, teens, and adults do their thing: cool skills (jumping kicks, flying kicks, spinning kicks, board breaks, and lots more) with exceptional manners. See the accomplishments of amazing people!


FANTASTIC RAFFLE PRIZES    Ski Passes, movie passes, and lots more gift certificates from local restaurants, businesses, and shops.


FOOD DRIVE FOR SENIORS.    Help make the holidays brighter for area seniors with the gift of food. Just a few items can make a BIG difference! All food items go to the Senior Nutrition Program.

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Here's How It Works

The general format follows below, but we reserve the right to revise it here and there for a more interesting time for everyone.


TINY TIGERS.    We begin at 4:30pm with the Tiny Tigers (grrr). Watch and be amazed with how their energy is harnessed and applied to various activities. It looks like complete chaos, but there's a method in this madness:


BIG ACTION.    The Tiny Tigers are followed by the older kids, teens, and adults for both taekwondo and yongmudo showing basic movements, forms, breaking, sparring, and self-defense skills.


RAFFLE DRAWINGS.    Every 15 or 20 minutes, we have a raffle drawing of one of the fantastic prizes we've collected over the preceding weeks. Don't miss out: get your tickets now!

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