12th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Gift-Giving is Fun.    What fun are the holidays without the gift giving traditions? And, we do like giving away gifts. Last year, we gave away a record of approximately $1,400 worth of prizes! Over the past 11 years, we've given away nearly $7,500 worth of prizes!

Join us for this year’s raffle drawings and experience the best gift-giving tradition in Mount Shasta and South County that nobody knows about.

Raffle Prizes!

We need your help.    We're currently collecting several great gifts from local businesses. We believe that great gifts/prizes are a big part of the holidays. And, we need your participation to make this event as awesome as always:

Raffle Prizes!

We are looking for other prizes to add to the collection. What can you offer? How about asking one of your favorite local businesses to participate? We need your help to make this event a success for our program and for the seniors!

Raffle Prizes!


Prizes for 2019

Here's the growing list of raffle prizes for 2019! You can help by contacting your favorite business and asking them to contribute a mug, gift card/certificate, or gift basket — whatever they feel moved to give.

This annual raffle fundraiser happens because of the generosity of our friends and neighbors in the local business community. We are extremely appreciative for this amazing support of our program!

• • Our Grand Prize • •
The Winter Extravaganza!

Jeff & Judy Kennedy
A Full Cord of Wood*

Sportsmen’s Den
One FREE Premium Ski –OR– Premium Snowboard Rental

Siskiyou Ice Rink
Two (2!) Day passes for Skating!

The Fifth Season
Custom Boot Fitting ($180 value) & Hydroflask ($40 value)

Sparky’s Landing
$25 Gift Certificate

a $550 value!


• • First • •
Runner-Up Prize

Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant
$30 Gift Certificate

Grocery Outlet
$25 Gift Card

Cedar Lanes
3 Games for Group of 2 to 4 — shoes included!

Two (2!) FREE Extra Value Meal Tickets ($16 value)

a $170 value!


• • Second • •
Runner-Up Prize

Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc.
Two (2!) Movie Theater Passes

Cooper’s Bar & Grill
$20 Gift Card

Shasta Base Camp
$50 Gift Certificate

a $90 value!

And, here's the list of our other great prizes:

** NOTE: Cord of Wood
Each cord of wood is a separate prize for two separate winners. Winners of the cords of wood **MUST** make arrangements for delivery soon after the Open House. Cords will be ready-to-go. If the winners do not **call by 6pm on December 13** and make arrangements for delivery no later than Saturday, December 14, winners forfeit receiving the cords of wood.

* NOTE: High Mountain Defense
For the certified CCW classes offered by High Mountain Defense, the winner has the option of the initial course (4 hours of class; 4 hours on the range) or the renewal course if winner is more advanced (4 hours on the range). The class does not give a permit. The class is the required training necessary to apply at your local law enforcement for a permit. Winner must be 21 years old to apply for a CCW permit. Winner who is under 21 years old can take the basic pistol class (same as CCW Renew) for training but won't be able to apply for a CCW. Minors (under 18) will have to be accompanied by an parent. High Mountain Defense supplies targets and eye & ear protection. Winner can also rent a pistol from High Mountain Defense if winner does not have their own pistol. Winner must supply their own ammunition.

Check out the prizes we've given away in previous years:

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2018 and before

Last year, we gave away over $1,000 worth of holiday joy. See what else we gave away over the past eight years:

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