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When is the next exam?

The next exam is on Thursday, October 3

Get busy and get ready: practice on the mat, practice at home.

The martial arts promotion exam is the standard method to advance through the rank levels towards black belt. Basically, participants are required to demonstrate the required techniques for each rank. Other considerations include quality and time of training for the preceding three months, participation in demonstrations, and passing at least five tip tests.


At my taekwondo classes, I learned that everyone should help each other. By sharing our goodwill, all of the MSMAP participants learn to step up and act.

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Vitaliy Tveritin
2014 & 2018 Black Belt
(Began 2008)


I want to be a safe person to be around. I like to find the diplomatic solution as the way to work things out. I’d rather make friends than enemies.

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Griffin Hough
2010 Black Belt
(Began 2001)

2012 Taekwondo Promotion Exam
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Please contact us via phone, email, or in person with any questions that you may have.

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