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MACMS • About Our Facility

MACMS • About Our Facility

(Martial Arts Center of Mount Shasta)

An Amazing Facility
Wow! The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program (MSMAP) is pleased to offer an amazing training facility in the Martial Arts Center of Mount Shasta (MACMS): a great floor, mats, padded walls...everything to make a very safe training facility. We don't think it's an exaggeration to state that we now have the premier martial arts training facility in a 60-mile radius.

But don't take our word for it, see the pictures and decide for yourself.
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And, here's a newspaper article from November 2008 shortly after we moved in describing our future plans:
Go to: New Center Offers Martial Arts For All Ages (MS Herald)

The facility upgrade project offer the following benefits:

  • A heated room with a safe, flex-floor.
  • Swain tatami-style mats.
  • Padded walls.
  • Restroom.

A Brief History
In October 2008, MSMAP was given the opportunity to move into a dedicated martial arts facility in town. At first glance, people either hated it for what it was, or loved it for what it could be. As a converted machine shop/old school gym, the sheet metal walls and concret floor discouraged many people, but MSMAP immediately began the challenging process to convert the facility into a usable facility for four different martial arts groups.

Our original ambitious plans called for upgrading and maintaining two rooms. A donor provided wood for framing a couple of walls, two others provided the labor to put up the frames and install the insulation. A new duct was installed to pump heat from the heating unit in the one room to the other.

In January 2009, we generously provided space for the Mount Shasta High School Wrestling Team to train in exchange for the use of their wrestling mats. For three months,

Upgrade Timeline

Mar/Apr 2009 - Build/Install flexible floor.
- Build/Install padded wall panels.
- Put mats securely on floor.
- Train in a completely different environment.
February 2009 - Ordered padding and canvas covering for walls.
- Consolidated into one main room.
- Removed all glass mirrors on walls.
January 2009 - Installed new heating duct.
- Added insulation to walls
- Ordered Swain-style tatami mats (very nice!)
- Sharing space w/ the MSHS Wrestling Team.
December 2008 - Began construction of main wall.
- Began planning for heat to both rooms.
- Delivered new floor material.


East Wall


West Wall


New Look


Framing in the Wall


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