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Choices for Teens & Adults

The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program (MSMAP) offers a variety of choices for teens and adults who are interested in different martial arts training opportunities for health, fitness, and/or self-defense.


    Yongmudo: Flexibility of Response

Yongmudo’s origins stem from self-defense and involve techniques meant to control and deter an opponent with a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency. Techniques include throws, joint-locks, and groundwork as well as kicks, blocks, and strikes. This is an ideal martial art for those individuals looking for something with lots of variety of techniques and who really want to mix it up with other training partners.

Yongmudo Throw


    Taekwondo for Women

Despite its popularity with the local children, taekwondo is not just for kids. For teens and adults, it provides the means to improved fitness through a vigorous, aerobic training program of stretching, kicks, and strikes. These techniques are all connected through efficient, coordinated footwork and balanced stances. Benefits include improved balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Taekwondo Kick


    Private Lessons: Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Private training sessions are available. We work into your schedule. Contact us via phone or email for more information. This informal training session leverages the wisdom and power of age to create a less ballistic training program to improve flexibility, strength, balance, along with martial art skills and strategies. This activity allows participants to improve their skills in a way that the mind and body are refreshed even on the day after training.

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Yongmudo Throw

Yongmudo incorporates a variety of techniques including kicks, strikes, throws, jointlocks, submission wrestling into a comprehensive system of personal health & self-protection.