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MSMAP Supports Children’s Education

MSMAP Supports Children’s Education

Program Gives Students A Taste Of Something New
Published: Wednesday, September 22, 2010
(NOTE: This article is reprinted with the kind permission of the MS Area Newspapers,

NOTE: Following is an expanded version of the original printed article.

Lunchtime at the Mount Shasta Elementary School will have a slightly different look as an exciting activity program literally “kicks off” a joint school-community effort on Monday, September 27.

After an exciting opening demonstration at ShastaYama this past summer, the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program will be offering a week long taste of martial arts — taekwondo, fitness, and good manners — during the new “Try It At Lunch” program.

“The ‘Try It At Lunch’ program is an opportunity for children to experience a variety of different physical and artistic activities that they may not otherwise be able to try,” said MSE principal Sally Gasaway.

“We selected martial arts as our first activity because I’ve listened to head instructor Chuck Buhs for two years, and the emphasis of his program fits nicely with our school goals — self-discipline, self-respect, self-responsibility. These characteristics are cornerstones for good citizenship and effective problem solving.”

Board Break Martial Arts, Siskiyou County-style Capture the Flag
Board Break A Beautiful Spot for Fun Exercise Capture The Flag
MSMAP offered children a full-week of lunchtime activity through an introduction to a modern and dynamic approach to martial arts training with a variety of exercises designed to develop overall strength, fitness, and positive sense of well-being.
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MSMAP’s primary rules of safety, education, and fun closely mirror the school rules: be safe, be responsible, and be respectful.

“All the children know these rules,” says Gasaway.

Gasaway’s inspiration for this program arose from three sources — feedback of parents at listening sessions last year (“Parents want to be involved.”); Gasaway’s own playground observations that kids need to be involved in organized activities, and that parents need a trial period before committing finances to a new activity; and, an article she read over the summer stressing the involvement of talented community members.

“At Back To School Night on September 15, parents offered an outpouring of help, not just dollars, but help with allowing children to try different activities,” Gasaway said.

“Community members can assist in the education of children in three areas: increasing student achievement, playground safety, and health and welfare,” she added. “There are many opportunities for community members to get involved in the schools to further children’s education.”

Run like the wind! Principal Sally Gasaway Monkey-style Crawls
“Run like the wind!” Principal Sally Gasaway Monkey-style Crawls
MSMAP provides an innovative approach to training allowing children to improve on their schedule while having big fun doing so. Getting stronger, faster, and more coordinated was never this much fun. So much fun, in fact, that Principal Gasaway couldn’t resist trying it herself. See more pictures: Facebook Photo Album

“Kids need mentors after school and even tutoring during school. Teachers appreciate the in-school tutoring help. On the playground, adults can assist with problem solving skills during recess and lunchtime. Just the other day, the kids decided to change the rules during a game of kickball. An adult referee would be helpful and set a good example.”

“Children would enjoy activities like knitting, painting, pottery, and sculpting,” continued Gasaway. “We welcome inquiries from community members that have specific talents to share with kids in dance, art, music, and athletics.”

Talented people who are interested in helping with the “Try It At Lunch” program can contact the MSE at 926-3434 or Sisson at 926-3846. Information about the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program is available at or 859-2024.

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