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1st Yongmudo Promotion Exam

1st Yongmudo Promotion Exam

On July 31-August 1, 2009, Master Doug Kim and his family visited MSMAP and provided us with an exceptional training experience: three workouts in two days. Following the Saturday workouts and a brief demonstration by the Kim’s and Chuck Buhs, four MSMAP members took the 1st MSMAP Yongmudo Promotion Exam. It was a very busy and productive weekend.

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Yongmudo Seminar

The yongmudo seminar was great fun based upon by the numbers in attendance, the performance on the exam, and the smiles on people’s faces, and not to mention the enjoyment of family and friends watching from the sidelines. Master Doug Kim and his family helped us improve our ability to interact well with the environment and with others (i.e., keep our head intact, literally and figuratively).

We covered a wide variety of skills including the basics of stances, kicks, strikes, rolls, falls, throws, joint-locks, and more. For people unfamiliar with yongmudo, it was an eye-opening experience. For those getting ready for the exam, it was an excellent opportunity to refine essential basic skills.

And, prior to the exam late on Saturday afternoon, Chuck Buhs joined the Kim family (Bonnie, Julia, and Jonathan) in a demonstration of skills including throws, air-falls, barrier rolls, and more. It was great fun! Just like old times for the four of us.

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Yongmudo Exam & Results

The performances for the first MSMAP Yongmudo Promotion Exam were exceptional. All four people demonstrated the required skills to move past white belt. It was a long, busy training period, and the four members managed to participate throughout the three workouts in two days with enthusiasm and determination.

The following four individuals successfully completed a very strenuous weekend of training and promotion exam.

9th gup (lower yellow belt):
- Griffin Hough
- Chip Layton

8th gup (upper yellow belt):
- Josh Freeman

7th gup (lower green belt):
- Mark Coulter

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Kim Family Impressions

The Kim family had a wonderful and relaxing time visiting and training with us. They thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the attendees. In fact, Mrs. Kim keeps talking about how nice everyone is. On Sunday, they spent time at beautiful Cliff Lake for an afternoon of swimming and the full enjoyment of the Alpine experience.

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August 2009 Seminar Group


Stability on the Ground


Throw, Major Outer Reap


Dive Roll


Group Paying Attention


Arm Bar
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