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Why Bother...?

Why Bother...?


 Why bother with a uniform? I didn’t need one at my old gym.

That’s cool, but this isn’t your old gym. And, speaking of old, we do things a bit old-school with regards to uniforms for a few reasons:

1) Training in a regularly cleaned uniform is just good hygiene.
2) Sweating in a uniform keeps each other and the mats a bit cleaner.
3) A heavyweight uniform lasts a lot longer than t-shirts and shorts.


 Why bother with so many rules? I just want to fight!

Why all the rules? Safety. We want people to walk out the door at the end of training in relatively the same condition that they walked in.

Although it doesn’t look like it sometimes, even the action on TV has rules. This is a training studio, not a fight club. Our rules are designed for safety of all participants. The goal in fighting is to survive; it’s a very messy business. Competition is about defeating the opponent within the context of the competition rules. Training is about learning something new, getting stronger, faster, smarter — and then being healthy enough to come back again next time.

We’ll show some stuff on how to survive, how to win, and do it so that you’re ready to come back again next time.

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