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3rd Open House & Food Drive

3rd Open House & Food Drive

MSMAP Plans Open House & Food Drive
Published: Wednesday, December 8, 2010
(NOTE: This article is reprinted with the kind permission of the MS Area Newspapers,

As families gear up for the holidays and the fast approaching New Year, the Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program is preparing for its third Open House and Food Drive on Wednesday, December 15 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Punching Food Drive Group
8-Step Exercise (Synchronized Movements) Mike Rodriguez with MSMAP

“This is one of our most popular and exciting annual events,” says head instructor Chuck Buhs. “Our participants get to show off their skills in preparation for their rank promotion exam, spectators get to see the action up close and personal, and seniors in Siskiyou County receive much appreciated donations of food. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.”

Spectators who contribute to the food drive with shelf-stable, non-perishable food items are entered into a raffle prize drawing. Prizes include free passes to the Siskiyou Ice Rink, gift certificates from Couch Critics and Shasta Base Camp, a gift basket from Sereni-Teas, polo shirts, and one month of free membership to MSMAP.

Basic Movements Hopping on one foot Paddle Kicks, Tiny Tigers
Basic Movements Hopping on one foot Paddle Kicks
The Tiny Tigers program is an introductory activity session for children to move, burn energy, and learn good manners. It’s a fun, entertaining,
and affordable way to begin an organized activity program.
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Food donations are given to the Meals-on-Wheels program administered through the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District.

“Our Meals-on-Wheels program fills an important gap in the lives of the seniors we serve, many who have no local family or friends to help them with their basic nutritional needs,” says Cindy Smith, administrative assistant at the MSRPD.

“Many of our homebound seniors have little, if any, contact with the outside world, and it’s our delivery staff who brighten their day with a friendly face and a hot, nutritious meal,” added Smith.

The MSRPD is officially the provider for the senior meal program through a contract with the California Department of Aging and Planning and Service Area 2 — Agency on Aging.

“Our goal is to surpass last year’s total of over 15 bags of food,” says Buhs.

Advanced Paddle Kicks Upper Blocks Stretch Kicks
Advanced Paddle Kicks Upper Blocks Stretch Kicks
More serious children, teens, and adults receive more challenging training offering more tangible results—greater flexibility, improved aerobic fitness, and wider range of skills for blocking, striking, and kicking.
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Black Belt Ceremony

Adding to the excitement of this year’s event is the black belt ceremony for one of MSMAP’s senior participants, Griffin Hough, 16, who traveled to U.C. Berkeley on December 4 to take his black belt exam. The results of his exam will be announced during the open house/food drive.
Go to: WHS Sophomore’s Growth Seen in Successful Black Belt Test

“It’s a rare occasion when we have a new black belt. The last time was at our International Korean Martial Arts Summer Camp in McCloud in 2006,” Buhs said. “Griffin is well-deserving of this opportunity. He is a remarkable young man—respectful, confident, and an exceptional role-model for our younger participants.”
Go to: McCloud Became Training Ground For Martial Arts Students

“I still have the same amount of fun now as I did when I started,” said Griffin.

“The only admission cost to see the action is donating two food items and bringing a little holiday cheer to the seniors in our community during this season of giving,” said Buhs.

MSMAP is located at 612-A S. Mt. Shasta Blvd. (phone: 859-2024; email: info AT; on the web: and Facebook).

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We've been doing the Open House for over a decade. Learn a little more about what previous events were like.

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7th Open House & Holiday Food Drive: Dec 2014

Celebrate the holidays, MSMAP-style!
We invite you to attend our Seventh annual event in December 2014. Come see what we do and help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors in-need with the gift of food for the Senior Nutrition Program.

Jump Back Kick

Shorter Event, More Action
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4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive

Highlights of our 4th annual event — lots of people, lots of food, lots of gifts. And, we get ready for our Winter Break Mini-Camps, a great way to burn off excess holiday energy. “With the large show of people and enthusiasm of the children, this is a great opportunity for service to the community.”
December 21, 2011; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers

Preparing for the Yongmudo Demonstration

“We’re glad to help with our own special way of celebrating the holidays: Exciting martial arts action, giving away cool gifts, and, most importantly, helping to brighten the spirits of those less fortunate during this season of giving.”
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3rd Open House & Food Drive Action

New Location, Bigger Action!
How much fun can children, teens, and adults have helping others in need during the holiday season?
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2nd Open House & Food Drive Action

Bigger and Better
Our activity center expands to include local treasure, Nuria’s Dance Academy. We share demonstrations of dance and martial arts and hold our first, and very successful, food drive!
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2008 Open House & Housewarming Party

The Start of a Holiday Tradition
We open our doors and welcome the community to our new, dedicated training facility — five demonstrations (three taekwondo, two yongmudo), food, prizes, and lots of energy.
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4th Open House & Holiday Food Drive: Wed, Dec 14

Join us for exciting martial arts action!
Wednesday, December 14   •   4:30 to 6:30pm
We invite you to our FOURTH annual event to see what we do and help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors with the gift of food for the Senior Nutrition Program.

Winter Break Mini-Camps

Join us for exciting martial arts action!
Dec 27 – 29   &   Jan 3 – 5
Burn off excess holiday energy with a full program of taekwondo, yongmudo, and self-defense activities during Winter Break in this partnership with the Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District.

Taekwondo is an exciting martial art that combines effective footwork and powerful kicking techniques into a dynamic system of sport and self-defense.

Yongmudo outside wrist throw

Yongmudo incorporates a variety of techniques including kicks, strikes, throws, jointlocks, submission wrestling into a comprehensive system of personal health & self-protection.